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Fly high!



Rating: 4

October 12, 2012

Cast: Sudeep, Naani, Samantha Ruth Prabhu, Voices of Ajay Devgan & Kajol

Director: S S Rajamouli

In Makkhi, the Hindi dubbed version of the blockbuster Telugu film Eega, a man is reborn as a housefly so he can avenge his own death. Few films are as wildly imaginative and as consistently entertaining as this one from director SS Rajamouli, who takes popular reincarnation sagas like Karan Arjun and Karz, and turns them on their heads.

Makkhi begins as inventively as the rest of the film unfolds – with a blank screen accompanied by the voiceover of a father (Ajay Devgan) narrating a bedtime story to his daughter. “Once upon a time, there was a fly,” he begins, kicking off the story of our protagonist Jaani (Naani) a man ardently in love with his colleague Bindu (Samantha Ruth Prabhu). Yet it all goes horribly wrong when a lustful business tycoon Sudeep sets his eyes on Bindu. When Jaani is murdered, his soul comes reincarnated in a fly to take revenge on Sudeep, and to protect his love.

With large opaque eyes, Jaani the housefly doesn’t have the facial expressions that you would see in animated films like A Bug’s Life, but Rajamouli invests so much personality in the insect by making use of his little body and spindly limbs. Makkhi has a superhero, comic book quality; you watch half-incredulously, half-amused as this persistent fly drives Sudeep insane. The fly becomes a character you root for, and incredibly, you can see characteristics of Jaani the human in the tiny bug. The animation in Makkhi is unfussy, but this is a great example of how the idea is truly the star.

Kannada actor Sudeep plays his part of the cold-hearted villain with true comic book flair and even a cartoonish tinge. It is because he is a powerful antagonist that you relish the face-off between the fly and him. Even if the film gets a tad repetitive towards the climax, it ends up a unique cinematic experience.

I’m going with four out of five for SS Rajamouli’s Makkhi. Make sure you don’t miss it; it’s the most fun you’ll have had at the cinema in a long time!

(This review first aired on CNN-IBN)

28 Responses to “Fly high!”

  1. Srini says:

    i waited so much for this review .. u didn’t let me down … though i expected little more analysis on this film.

  2. sudeep reddy says:

    So happy to see 4/5 from rajeev
    masand.this movie deserves it

  3. prasanna says:

    Nice review sir.. I never expected 4 stars for a remake of a Telugu film.
    I could see fresh story-telling capability in the film, But now I realise how an original inventive idea, insanely incredible imagination would draw such a huge resonance across the country.

    Super happy for Director S S Rajamouli & Sudeep.

  4. Vasanth says:

    Yesterday i saw the Movie & i feel this has set a new bench mark in Indian Cinema..
    Some of the Scenes are better than any western flicks…

  5. prashanth says:

    good review to say…but u hav reviewd nearly 4 movies tat releasd yday!?..tat means u saw al th fourrrrr???….gr8 sir

  6. shibin abraham says:

    i hd seen the taqmil version of the film and was sp fascinated that i again watched it, truely it gives us courage to imaginate even the smallest of the world, great cinematography, great acting by sudeep, heart taking appearance of naani and refreshing jesture of samantha truely an awesome film, thanks to rajeev to give it a 4/5 rating. pls do watch dis film

  7. chidrup says:

    saw a genuine review from you after a long time. This movie deserves the **** star. 🙂 Don’t Miss it Guys 🙂

  8. Nirav says:

    I think aiyyaa would be in complete danger due to the presence of little Fly 🙂

  9. venky says:

    nice review sir

  10. manu says:

    finally Rajiv bhai giving four. now i shall watch. Also please be a lil more kind to the poor director…critic sahib. varna suicide vagarah hogaya tho … please behave like the local newspapers once in a while.who dont know the word transparency.LOL. but i love your reveiws

  11. Naveen says:

    Good review… SS Rajamouli. super director of Indian Film Screen!

  12. Rakesh says:

    no masandji i m not agree with this ……watch the movie carefully…..many mistake in it and about story……..its boring ….i give 1.5/5

  13. papul says:

    superb movie…a must watch.. (y)

  14. pradeep says:

    Way to go ssrajamouli …hope you make a Hollywood movie one day

  15. Sudha says:

    I agree that movie is Good.
    But not to the rating of 4/5. The story is good upto some extent and later on the story slows down and boring.
    Idea innovative but story telling not upto the mark.
    I go with 3/5

  16. SANTHOSH says:

    Rakesh, first learn English before you comment:-) I saw this movie twice in Telugu. You have to know that I’m from Karnataka and Kannada is my mother tongue. EEGA is just wow. With sir giving 4 out of 5 for MAKKHI, this will redefine the way movies are made in India..,:-)

  17. Biman Saha says:

    This time I am not agree with you. 4 star is too much for this… 3 star is enough

  18. Aanand says:

    People who think this movie lack story or has many mistake seriously must stop watching movies.THIS IS AN AWESOME MOVIE. MUST WATCH.DIRECTOR DESERVES TO BE PART OF 100 CR. CLUB.
    Rajeev’s analysis is so damn right.

  19. abhi says:

    that time you are wrong rajiv ji…. in my opinion 2.5/5 (max)
    1.there is no story
    2.no gud dialouges
    3.but animation was good for that only may it get 2.5/5 but not more than 2.5

    plz explain which part of the movie was that much good for which you give 4/5.

  20. Rony says:

    I agree with biman,4 stars r 2much…….3 is enough….

  21. ginoy says:

    sir this movie does not deserve a 4 star….3 or 2 and a half were enough…this is too much..seriously did u like the film or for just encouraging new works you gave a 4 star…???

  22. krishna says:

    deserves 4/5 coz the movie is something tried in its first kind on indian cinema.wish we get more cg live action movies.

  23. Divya says:

    @santosh, since when “learning eglish” is mandatory in order to comment? Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

  24. Srichand says:

    First Time ever Unbiased Review for a Movie Directed by a South Indian…..The movie is such that he could never give less stars.

  25. makkhi says:

    good movie. good review.

  26. Shanmukha Sai says:

    Movie Surely Deserves 4! Good Review as usual Rajeev Masand Ji!!

  27. vasanth says:

    Excellent movie, worth giving 4 stars! redefines how the movies should be made use of technology.

    Bollywood should learn from this movie…

  28. deepak says:

    amazing awesome movie 5/5

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