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Friends and lovers


Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu

Rating: 3

February 10, 2012

Cast: Imran Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Boman Irani, Ratna Pathak-Shah, Ram Kapoor, Sonia Mehra

Director: Shakun Batra

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu, starring Imran Khan and Kareena Kapoor, is a competently made romantic-comedy with a predictable story at its core. A straight-laced architect meets a free-spirited hairdresser in Vegas; they get drunk one night, and wake up the next morning to find out they’re married. Even as they decide to annul the marriage, the couple realizes they have a connection.

It’s fairly typical stuff, and first-timer Shakun Batra adds all the usual ingredients. If you’ve seen even three decent rom-coms, you know where this is headed. Yet these characters feel real, and they grow on you gradually despite their standard-issue problems – he has controlling parents, she only lives for the moment. But it’s the curveball that the writers throw at you in the end that displays a rare maturity about relationships that films in this genre seldom possess.

It’s hard to believe, I know, given that the film opens with a stereotypical and slapstick introduction to Imran’s character, Rahul The first 20-odd minutes or so are a bumpy affair, but the film picks up steam once the leads are thrown together and left to work through their differences.

Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu is a narrative that unfolds mainly through dialogue, and the lighter moments come at you as the odd couple gets to know each other. The humor hits the mark many times and falls flat occasionally, but the movie doesn’t grate because the characters aren’t trying too hard to be cute. A scene in which Rahul’s ex-girlfriend decides to get frisky with him in a restaurant toilet stall, much to his horror, is amongst the high points in the film’s first half.

There are touches of Jab We Met to be found here as Kareena’s character, Riana, encourages Rahul to let go of his inhibitions and live a little. In fact, like that runaway hit, Kareena ends up being the soul of this film too, although Riana is more urban and polished than Geet. And like that distinctive Punjabi set in Jab We Met, we meet Riana’s jolly Goan-Catholic bunch when the couple lands in Mumbai. Even Rahul’s parents, played by Boman Irani and Ratna Pathak-Shah, are total stereotypes. She’s a fashion-obsessed socialite, and he a humorless, success-driven businessman; yet these caricatures are salvaged by convincing performances.

Despite his wide-eyed, one-note approach in the early scenes, Imran Khan slips comfortably into his role as the story moves along – he’s fantastic when he has meltdowns; like that emotional one with Kareena in a school, or seething with anger against his parents at a dinner table. It’s refreshing also to see him let go in the foot-tapping Auntyji song, and he shares a surprisingly warm chemistry with Kareena. Meanwhile, it’s heartening to see the actress sink her teeth into a role she deserves, and has fun with. She may not be treading new ground here, but Kareena infuses energy into even ordinary talkie scenes, and strikes you with how fresh-faced she can look after all these years.

At 1 hour and 50 minutes, the film is light and breezy, and mercifully never turns too syrupy for your taste. I’m going with three out of five for director Shakun Batra’s Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu. I was particularly impressed by the unconventional but entirely appropriate ending. I think you will be too.

(This review first aired on CNN-IBN)

27 Responses to “Friends and lovers”

  1. Nandini says:

    Just back from the show… I could not wait for your reviews… :))
    I liked it a lot. Kareena was so natural & Imran was cute as always.
    I found it to be a feel good movie & not the usual bollywood tear jerker or a slapstick rom-com… this movie is not a rom-com though… its more about friendship….loved it more than What Happens in Vegas…

  2. vikram says:

    sir! i had respect for you, till you gave a good verdict on “My Name Is Khan”.
    now you’re just following your own lead on praising such cheap movies.
    i dont get it, why you’re doing this to all Dharma Production ones?

  3. aritra says:

    totally agreed. Loved the film and the delightful performances. Loved how it concluded. Way to Go!!!

  4. Subhra says:

    Totally agree with u….a coming of age muvi!! Just loved it…..Totally in awe of Imran’s meltdown scenes acting….when he is in d zone…gives others run for their money…..Kareena in her usual self adds zing 2 the muvi….a sure Hit!!

  5. sunil says:

    Very honest Review !! n i agree wid the comment on the Climax of movie !! i too loved it

  6. kapil shivarkar says:

    Agree with you on the ending of the film but the film in totality is quite bore. Didn’t feel any chemistry between the leads. Imran is stone faced and should quit acting. Kareena is good in a few scenes specially the 1st half but no where compared to JWM. Even after the movie it seems that we just saw the extended promo of the film. Not one scene worth remembering. Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Strictly below average

  7. Ashwath says:


    This is my review of the movie Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu


  8. Jignesh says:

    hi rajeev…u’re my fav reviewer as most of the times we agree on our views.it was ditto even last time with gali gali…..i loved ek main aur ek tu.here is my views…Ek main aur ek tu:Its about love nd friendship bt d b’ful nd diff thing bout this is its more bout something vry important diz days….called companionship.slow bt intresting rom-com,captures vegas vry well.smart-subtle lines.good ear-friendly bkground score nd songs.Imran improves,kareena looks b’ful nd steals d show….
    nd its ok to reply sometimes yaar…btw m ur follower on twitter aswell 🙂

  9. Ankeet says:

    For a change, Masand gets one review right! EMAET is fantastic

  10. anand says:

    one of d rare reviews i think uve got wrong sir..it ws a very okayish movie…worthy of may b a 2..max 2.5 stars…ending ws nt gud…

  11. Stanley says:

    Not a word from you that the basic story line is a lift from What Happens in Vegas and you give it a 3 out of 5???? Shame on you!!!

  12. aastha says:

    i loved the ending of the movie because i think dats one of d condition of maximum youngsters dese days.

  13. raunak khaitan says:

    EK MAIN AUR EKK TU – Movie Review : An inspired foreign dish served with Indian toppings and masalas which ends on a pretty confused note

  14. Saurabh says:

    This is just ridiculous..The movie was a drag.

  15. tariq says:

    the movie’s end if not run of the mill wasn’t sensible either. it is next to impossible to demote one’s love to friendship especially when from the beginning of the movie it was the actress who was all trying to woo the actor n giving hints of attraction to which anyone could have fallen to as love. just for the sake of being different director made the ending stupid.

  16. Farhan says:

    Movie was alright. It was too western, so it seemed a bit wannabe. Although, Kareena’s beautiful performance was the best about the movie. I dont think any other actress could have done it that well. While Imran was not all that impressive. His role could’ve been done equally well by most other stars and even much better. His acting lacks finishing in a way!

  17. RK says:

    It’s not ‘What happens in Vegas’ but it’s a total rip-off of the movie ‘Fools rush in’. Complete from the male character (played by Matthew Perry aka Chandler from FRIENDS) being an architect to the female lead (played by Salma Hayek) being a scruffy character, them getting married after a drunken night, even the scene of yelling at Hoover dam is ripped off!
    Not sure why anyone has caught the complete similarity here!!!

  18. shreya says:

    loved the movie and your review too 🙂

  19. sanket shah says:

    i don’t really think it was a 3 star movie …. i would give it a 2.5 …. and if you’ll want to see a really good movie like ‘ek main aur ek tu’ ….. give a film called ‘500 days of summer ‘ a try ….. it is a similar movie but way better and yes, it is my favourite romantic movie !!! 🙂

  20. Raja says:

    it is a totally boring movie,,this movie can be avoided. Two star.

  21. gururaj says:

    I guess just because the movie was not a typical bollywood romance type does not meant that it is good. I could only stand the movie through the first half. I just put an exit during the intermission. It was too boring. I will go with 2 stars out of five for this one.Liked the title track though.

  22. Jyoti says:

    I so wish “Break ke baad” could have made the way “ek main aur ek tu” is made … it’d have save me a few hours of trauma.

  23. siddharth says:

    wat….a REAL BORING MOVIE…………

    i think mr rajeev is very fond of kjo..

    terrible movie…

    my money was lost also my time….

    really imraan and kareena are wasted..

  24. Biman Saha says:

    I found it a bit boring…ending is unique but i didnt like it that much…2 star is ok for it…

  25. Vijay Hokey says:

    boring, stereo type whatever may be said, the film really deserve alot of credit for the unexpected ending. its quiet different from usual indian cinema… really impressed expect some vulgarity which might have been filled with scenes of imran and kareena together… !!!!

  26. siddharth says:

    it is vry boring !! 3 stars are too much !!

  27. raj says:

    Really a heart touching movie………awesome climax…….first of it’s kind

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