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Accident on Hill Road

Rating: 1

January 01, 2010

Cast: Celina Jaitley, Farooque Shaikh, Abhimanyu Singh

Director: Mahesh Nair

The makers of Accident on Hill Road deserve credit for lawfully acquiring the remake rights of the Hollywood thriller Stuck on whose plot their film is based. That is the only credit they will get for this film.

Pointing out the problems with Accident on Hill Road is like drawing up a grocery list. The film’s far-fetched premise involves Celina Jaitley as a dim-witted hospital nurse who doesn’t know what to do when she accidentally knocks down a man with her car, and he’s injured and stuck in her shattered windscreen. She leaves him in her garage, his rear end sticking out of her glass. She whacks him with a cricket bat. She has him tied up, and more or less choked in a plastic bag. She even douses him with petrol. The victim, a true braveheart (played by Farooque Shaikh), miraculously survives this treatment. Meanwhile, Gulal‘s Abhimanyu Singh plays Celina’s sleazy, drug-dealer boyfriend who shows up to help her with her little problem.

The film’s convenient screenplay never allows you to empathise with either the victim or the guilty although you know that both are desperate and in great pain over their respective situations. The performances are embarrassingly over-the-top, even as Celina turns convulsing into a new acting style, and Abhimanyu mutilates the English dialogue with his stilted delivery. Your heart goes out to poor Farooque Shaikh who spends the most part of the film with his bum sticking out into the air. If it wasn’t so unintentionally comical, this film would be a test of your endurance.

I’m going with one out of five for director Mahesh Nair’s amateurish Accident on Hill Road. If you’re bored and have money to waste, gather some friends and head to the multiplex. You’ll never laugh this hard!

(This review first aired on CNN-IBN)

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