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Teen spirit


Luv Ka The End

Rating: 2

May 06, 2011

Cast: Shraddha Kapoor, Tahaa Shah, Pushtiie Shakti, Archana Puran Singh

Director: Bumpy

There’s a reason why so many kids enjoy watching those American teen comedies. It has a certain aspiration value, or a ‘fantasy value’ if you like. Who wouldn’t want their lives to be straight out of an American Pie movie?

Luv Ka The End, produced under the new youth movies banner of Yash Raj Films, is modeled closely after those popular American teen flicks, but it doesn’t have the inherent coolness that makes it as much fun. Aside from a few cosmetic changes, Luv Ka The End is a fairly faithful rip-off of John Tucker Must Die. In that film, three young girls hatch an elaborate plan to get even with the high-school jock who’s been secretly dating all three of them. In this desi version, Shraddha Kapoor plays the upset teenager who gathers her two best friends with whom she plots to bring down her boyfriend when she discovers that he’s planned to deflower her so he can raise his profile on an online website for spoilt little rich kids.

Sleazy, homophobic and intrinsically amateurish in its humor, this film fails because it’s trying too hard to be cool, while hitting all the wrong notes along the way. The characters – as they tend to be in films like these – are all genre stereotypes. You have the stud, the princess, the nerd, the himbo, the girl-next-door, the fat best friend, even the embarrassing parent. Problem is the makers of this film don’t even develop these characters on the most basic level; most of them are just introduced and then forgotten for the rest of the film.

Like its very protagonists, this is a vapid, vacuous film that seems intended for similarly shallow youngsters who’re still amused by such tired comic devices as itching powder and laxatives. Directed by debutant Bumpy, whose name serves the added purpose of describing his storytelling style, Luv Ka The End has only a handful of nice moments, and just one single character worth remembering – the heroine’s feisty, overweight best friend who feels like the only real thing in this ridiculously over-cooked film.

I’m going with two out of five for Luv Ka The End. Give me one of those American teen comedies any day!

(This review first aired on CNN-IBN)

15 Responses to “Teen spirit”

  1. rraoul says:

    Fanfreakintastic review..I dunno wen will indian cinema start coming up with original stories and ideas instead of makin a hollywood ripoff.this one surely looks like a desi version of john tucker must die and shraddha kapoor has no charm,no beauty no appeal..keep writing rajeev u rock.

  2. ANKIT says:

    As expected from you sir. In your work as a critics from the time which your reviewing movies i think you would have only given 10 to 15 hindi movies more than 4 stars. As usual sab bekaar hain visual effects achain hain. Please sir try to appreciate the hard work that go behind making a movie.

    Please please change the way you look at hindi movie cinema. It is for the 70% population who wants entertainment and not your stars which means nothing to that section of population. But remaining people who want to watch the movie definitely would have cancelled their tickets on reading your review and ratings.

  3. asmozonic says:

    i thought u’d give it ONE star! but u dignified it with TWO stars!

  4. Dhaval says:

    Hey sir u r alwys awsome n ur reviews r like gifts for me coz i only c the movie if its recommended by u dat too by givin 3 stars or above..u r the best critic in india.. :*
    rest all r assholes..spcly zoom wala n taran adarsh n all bloody news channels 🙂

  5. Sandy says:

    Sir, with due respect to your rating….i Still wish to fight with the given rating.
    I watched it & liked it. reason being the characters are so realistic that any teenager can effortlessly relate to it. A film which depicts a teenage era in today’s time precisely. The songs…Ali zafar & the entire look was so refreshing!
    I believe you must watch it from a teenager’s POV..m sure you’d enjoy it too!

  6. Purvi says:

    Hey Rajiv,

    I have been following your reviews ritually, but after watching Luv Ka the end, I don’t agree with your rating!

    I LOVED THE FILM…..i think your rating does not justify it.

    Your Fan,

  7. Sam says:

    I ENJOYED the film…
    Mutton song is Killer & shraddha Kapoor has been brilliant through out!

    P.S It’s not a rip off of John Tucker Must Die

  8. getfilmy says:

    I wish they’d just stop trying to make American style films. Why, why, why can’t we just stick to our own aesthetic??

  9. Kamal says:

    pity!!! our filmmakers can’t even think of an original story!!!why to waste the money,,we can always watch the original one!!!

  10. Kamal says:

    In fact, these movies aren’t even worth a review!! should be straight away thrown into dustbin.

  11. amitabh says:

    u are the only critic who seems to not give paid reviews.hats off to ur honest work

  12. imran says:

    Ill be honest.I log on to rajeev’s site to feed my guilty pleasure..I honestly enjoy his bollywood reviews most
    of which realistically show the pathetic condition indian cinema is at.99% of movies made cater to either children, teens or illiterates(house full,dabang,golmaal 3.mind u these are top grossers of all time).ALLTIME

    There is no intelligent cinema what so ever.In the past decade there have been
    handfull of classics.Heck we don’t produce even one good movie a year(udaan,gulaal,munnabhai mbbs,omkara,aamir).waiting to watch shor in the city.Hope it’ll make it into my list.

  13. pikun says:

    This is film is made by MTV and channel V people for MTV and channel V audience.This piece of shit is film version of Axe Ur Ex, a channel V show.There are some wonderful new talents who are bringing something new to the table with films like udaan and TBL etc and there are these dick-heads who see a hollywood films and arrange finance to rip off the whole movie.

    These ‘wannabe cool’ are such pain in ass.In 90s u can still understand people ripping off hollywood movies.Those days very few people used to watch English movies so film makers used to gate away even after making frame by frame copy of hollywood movies.But in this age of Internet people still doing the same is really ridiculous.

    So yashraj people are making movies about desperate girls who PLAN to loose their virginity on 18th birthday.Seems Yash Chopra has taken retirement.

  14. Venkat says:

    I didnt like the movie from the interval point. Climax was too lame and comedy in the movie was not good. The friends of the hero had very bad part. Wid due respect to girls, I really hated the background score Girl power Girl power which was too obvious. Overall below average atleast for boys , the lead lady did very well.

  15. vjserrao says:

    HEY Mr. Masand,
    I think the title track of this Movie is also a copy of the Roxette song, Sleeping in my car. Mostly the chorus.
    I love ur reviews

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