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That’s (not) the spirit!


Raaz 3

Rating: 2

September 07, 2012

Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Bipasha Basu, Esha Gupta, Mohan Kapur, Manish Choudhary

Director: Vikram Bhatt

It’s hard to tell which of the two leading ladies in Raaz 3 is more severely humiliated by director Vikram Bhatt – Esha Gupta, whose character runs stark naked into a party when cockroaches crawl into her dress, or Bipasha Basu who must have sex with an evil spirit, his body covered in creepy leeches.

Surprisingly low in thrills, this third installment in the horror-movie franchise stars Bipasha as a fading film star who becomes determined to sabotage a rival actress (Esha) when the newcomer is poised to upstage her. Pledging allegiance to the dark side, Bipasha enlists the help of a spirit who shows her the way ahead. In the throes of passion, the determined diva manipulates her director boyfriend (Emraan Hashmi) into signing up for her sinister plan. Tch, tch…the things you can get a guy to commit to in bed!

Filmed in 3D but barely justifying the technology, Raaz 3 is visually flat. Bhatt employs all the usual horror-movie tropes like creaking doors, fog-filled frames, and a macabre background score…and yet the film is about as scary as a six-year-old wearing a Frankenstein mask.

To be honest, Raaz 3 has more laugh-out-loud moments than jump-in-your-seat jolts. At one point during a poignant revelation, Esha Gupta delivers this classic gem: “Bachcha aur kutta sirf pyaar ka bhookha hota hai.” In another scene, while trying desperately to calm down a hysterical woman who’s just seen a ghost, Emraan Hashmi resorts to his ever-reliable formula – he shoves his tongue down her throat!

The first half of Raaz 3 has a few inspired bits, particularly Bipasha’s chilling encounter with the spirit who empowers her to carry out her sabotage, and Emraan’s moral dilemma over participating in Bipasha’s conspiracy to destroy an innocent rival. Post intermission, however, the film nosedives into a morass of clichés including godmen and aatmas and the spirit world, and by this point you couldn’t care less what happens to these people.

It doesn’t help that the acting is laughable, particularly by the two ladies, while Emraan Hashmi just tries to keep a straight face through this nonsense. Raaz 3, unlike the director’s last film, Dangerous Ishq, isn’t even so bad that it makes you laugh…this is just dull, lazy filmmaking.

I’m going with two out of five for Vikram Bhatt’s Raaz 3. The only thing that’s truly frightening is knowing that a fourth Raaz film is inevitably on its way.

(This review first aired on CNN-IBN)

24 Responses to “That’s (not) the spirit!”

  1. prerna chhabra says:

    Sir,are the 3d effects watchable?? As the review s nt dat good nd i rely so much on ur opinion…plz reply

  2. manthan says:

    i love your reviews sir..most of them are according to my standards..great job sir

  3. Akhilesh Tekade says:

    I would say, this review is the best ‘Raaz 3’ review which I’ve read so far. You are absolutely right Rajeev Masand ji. This film is nonsence with no horror at all. The story is useless. Was waiting for your review since morning. Anyways, I expected less than 2 stars from you 😀

  4. R. ATTRI says:

    HATS OFF to u sir..
    very often for us u have to go thru such torchers…

    well in my case i was already so much scared to think of watching it rather than its horror genere.

  5. oneil says:

    Your reviews don’t make any sense. If we go by your reviews no one should be making any movie nor should anyone watch any movIe.

    Had great regard for you earlier now loosing it. You are too monotonus and negative. Good luck with your reviews

  6. Satyajit Kumar says:

    I liked the review especially the last line “The only thing that’s truly frightening is knowing that a fourth Raaz film is inevitably on its way”

  7. Shakir khan says:

    U r ri8 sir.
    film is BAKWAS nd i m going 1nd half only frm out of 5.
    vikram plz stop RAAZ KHUL GAYA HAI.

  8. manoj says:

    masand u r a critic which laugh in a horror movie and scares watching comedy movie….which movie u likes people dont like….this is called bad choice of movies….and u want people to watch ur type of movie…i m damn sure one dau if i made a movie it will be disaster

  9. Pradeep Jain says:

    Certainly Masand need to come out of his arrogant attitude. He thinks hez cool by giving low grades to movies.
    Do come out of your arrogancy. I give you 1/5 on your attitude. Your reviews are more frightening than a horror movie.

  10. jeet says:

    i thaught that already & not gone to see it

  11. Why 2 stars? I thought it would be zero.

  12. amit says:

    i havent seen d movie yet but 2 of my friends saw it yesterday and they are saying some what similar,its more funny than horror and they said thats what most of the non-biased audience reaction was coming out of theater..its a waste of precious money..

  13. vindhya yadav says:

    you praised shanghai sky high but it was a flop

  14. abhi says:

    Thank u for reviewing but sud think you’re now days lecturing more!

  15. Sujit Tiwari says:

    Very few film makers understand trilogies or how sequels should come . Just adding 2 or 3 to the title dosen’t justify the name or continued story. Others start with a good idea or intention but its lost midway. I had read somewhere ” Where there is imagination , there is horror.” Movies like ” In the mouth of madness ” do justice to the horror genre.

  16. Ajber Rahman says:

    its like scaring someone from behind the door..

  17. Ashwath says:

    My Review—http://rrachna.com/2012/09/09/movie-reviewraaz-3/

  18. venkat says:

    Critics are here to talk of films that is done with lot of passion, he is not going whether he has to please the masses or the great movie goers, he is interested in delivering his opinion who wants to watch a good quality movie which brings out the director’s passion for making movie with a good script and actors.
    I think to certain extent we need to agree with what Rajeev Masand and his colleagues dish out their opinion. When we talk of horror movie there has to be an element which makes u get frightened or u say “EEK!” etc…sometime’s if this is missed out then that movie is not termed as horror…

  19. Purvi says:

    its fun 2 read d review… wen u dnt like d muvi..!!!
    u jus go left..right..centre.. and rip the clothes of the muvi.. like a beast.!
    luv ur reviews.!

  20. Ram Gautham says:

    I enjoyed your review masand sir. The movie was absolutely crap. I am however astonished you have given 2stars for this crapfest.In my opinion i’ll give this shitty movie half a star.

    Anyways, don’t bother about other fools who criticize you for your reviews. You are a damn good and honest reviewer!
    So don’t bother when idiots criticize you cause we both know they don’t understand cinema as much as you do.
    Keep up the Gr8 Work.

  21. Raghav says:

    “Emraan Hashmi resorts to his ever-reliable formula – he shoves his tongue down her throat!” – EPIC! Had me ROFL for a moment! Forget the movie, your review is thoroughly enjoyable 😉

  22. karan bhatt says:

    The first half was good! The second half spoils everything..a few scenes in the movie were way better than the climax. Very IRONIC!

  23. Jordan says:

    A good review sir but, the film
    Not deserves even 2 star.

  24. Atul says:

    Ha ha Ha 4 Th Razz on the way.

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