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5 Lessons We Learnt at the Movies in 2010


The movies teach us invaluable lessons each year, and it’s important to remember them while stepping into the new year so we don’t repeat old mistakes again!

(This feature first aired on CNN-IBN)

3 Responses to “5 Lessons We Learnt at the Movies in 2010”

  1. siraj says:

    well said rajeev………..

  2. soumik says:

    my hits-MNIK,PGRO,UDAAN,DO DOONI CHAR,PEEPLI LIVE…( picking onli 5)

    my pits-no problem, rc(1,2), guzarish,khjjs,house ful,(picking onli 6)

  3. kranthi says:

    at last u agreed no khans no kapoors no sings only dev is gun he is yhe no 1 after rajanikanth and jr ntr

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